Chinese Language Tutoring

MyOnlineTutors Chinese learning courses offers help for beginners to students who are advanced. With the lessons at MyOnlineTutors, students cultivate their speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese within a small time period.

Chinese Tutoring offers:

  • Tutors who are Natives in Chinese 
  • One-to-One personalised sessions
  • Convenience of using video and audio lessons
  • Booking class at times that are convenient to the student
  • Sessions designed to meet personalised language requirements of students. 


  • Learn the Chinese Alphabet, phrases and easy to use sentences to kick start your Chinese fluency
  • Practice speech and learn tips from professional Chinese tutors
  • Choose from among beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Audio and Speech exercises


+ Begin your journey by learning the Chinese Alphabet, basic phrases and sentences.

+ Our expert, native Chinese tutors will help you practice speaking and give pointers.

+ Variety of Audio, speech and written activities available online.  

Why Choose MyOnlineTutors’ Chinese Tutoring

Affordable: At affordable prices, MOT offers effective tutoring at low prices with no compromise to the quality. 

Expert Tutors: We are proud of our highly educated and experienced tutors who come from around the world, offering only the best tutoring available. 

Individual Attention: With one-on-one classes, students can get the personalised attention needed by expert tutors to cultivate their Chinese Language skills.

Convenience: Tutors are available 24/7- tutoring session can be booked according to the convenience of students.

Book your Chinese tutor now and master the language! Our tutors are available 24/7 for your assistance!


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