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We are all about helping you with your learning & tutoring needs. We truly support the process of learning and growing because a positive change and improvement can have a huge impact on your personal development and attitude. Talk to us because everyone needs a mentor, a tutor, a teacher for riding learning in the right direction.


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General Questions


Why Online Tutoring?

Relentless in the pursuit of excellence!

With the evolution of internet and artificial intelligence world is evolving at a very fast pace. Everything is going virtual within few years teaching methods, classrooms, pedagogy styles will change dramatically. Use of technology in education is growing very rapidly.

All you need is an internet connection and we take care of the rest.

We believe in individual attention to our students which is missed in school environment backed by anytime, anywhere access. Not every student is the same, not everyone student has the same learning style, not every teacher has the same teaching method and style. We offer personalized study plans and higher level of student-teacher engagement. We have the best pool of teachers who understands what, why and how every student should be taught. Our goal is to focus on the dumbest student is the class and make them extra ordinary bringing out the best in them so they can achieve excellence.

What services does MOT offer?

MOT offers online digital learning to high school and college students (Grade 8- Grade 12).

Subjects currently available include all levels of Mathematics, Science (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology), Computer Science, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Languages (English, Arabic, French, Mandarin) and Design & Technology with lessons held online.

MOT uses a “virtual classroom” to maximize the effectiveness of each session. The virtual classroom includes a video call with your tutor, an electronic whiteboard with drawing, writing, and mathematical tools, text messaging, file and screen sharing features.

Do I need to sign up to a contract?

Unlike some face-to-face online tutoring services, does not require you to sign up to a long term contract. There are no membership fees or hidden costs. Simply tell us what you need help with and when you need it, and you will get a competitive one-off quote.

What are your prices?

Because each student requires a different level of assistance, quotes are provided on a case by case basis. Usually, an expert will take a look at a form and determine how much of their time it will take to deliver a solution. This is what the price is based on. Our Emirati students often comment on the value for money we provide – whilst we are not the cheapest, our service is second to none. It costs nothing to find out how we can help, and quotes are free, so fill out the form now!

I am studying a very advanced subject. Do you have an expert who can help me?

We can help students in high-level courses, including finance, medicine, law and much more. Our experts can also support students undertaking original research. When you fill out the requirements form, please give as much detail as possible. We will connect you to the most appropriate tutor accordingly.

What equipment do I need for online tutoring?

You will need: – tablet, laptop or desktop computer – webcam (most modern laptops and tablets come with a webcam, microphone and audio jack built-in) – speakers – microphone – headphones (optional, but recommended for best audio quality) – reliable internet connection (home wifi is best) – digital drawing tablet and stylus pen (optional, but highly recommended for maths or science subjects, as it allows you to easily draw formulas and equations on the interactive whiteboard).

What if I am late to a lesson?

Please log on at least ten minutes before your scheduled lesson time to make sure you are prepared and to get the most from the session. If you are running late, please message your tutor using the Message Board on your Student Dashboard so they are aware. Your tutor will wait for up to 20 minutes for you to arrive.

How do I use the virtual whiteboard?

You will be given proper introduction to the virtual whiteboard and your online classroom.

What do I do if my internet disconnects?

You will need access to a reliable internet connection to attend online lessons (home wifi is best). If you have internet connection issues, try resetting your computer wifi, internet modem or connecting to a backup internet connection (e.g. mobile data) if you have one.

If you still cannot connect online and you have a class scheduled, please inform our Support Team immediately so we can contact your tutor on your behalf.

How do I share and edit documents with my tutor?

You can easily collaborate on documents with your tutor using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Make edits and view all changes to your work in real time during online tutoring lessons. You can create and link a Google Doc to your Student Dashboard, as well as upload any documents and files from your computer.

With powerful online tools that allow you and your tutor to work fast and seamlessly on the same document, online tutoring with MOT proves to be just as effective as sitting side-by-side with your tutor.

How do I book a tutor?

All you have to do is click Book Now, enter your details and you’ll immediately have submitted a request for a world-class tutor.

You’ll immediately receive an email to let you know that we have received your request. One of our student counselors will contact you to understand your requirements better. Upon understanding the requirements perfectly, we will find you a suitable tutor. We use our expertise and experience to match you with the highest quality tutor available that we believe suits your needs. If you have any specific tutor preferences, you can mention it in the comments section when booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

You will receive a second email confirming all booking details including the date and time of your booking.

We call it “get to know session” with the teacher and it is FREE. Here is where teacher-student engagement will start. You will share your requirements, difficulties with the teacher and teacher will sort out specialized study plans for you, during the whole process MOT specialist will be in touch with you and the teacher for making the interactions and communication smooth.

Can I rebook with the same tutor?

Absolutely! After your first lesson, you will be given the option to re-book with the same tutor at a regular time slot. Keep in mind, however, we cannot guarantee that the same tutor will be available at the time you request.

How do I book lessons for multiple siblings or subjects?

You can make your first booking on our booking form. You can book additional lessons for more than one sibling or different subjects by simply contacting your assigned student counselor.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Your tutor will customize every lesson to the individual needs of the student and can help with upcoming assessments, tricky homework problems and exam preparation.

Not sure what to be working on to get ahead? Your tutor knows to proactively ‘filling in any gaps’ in learning and can create a personalized study plan to help you get ahead.

Get help with model answers, pitfalls to avoid, marker expectations, past papers and exam strategies. Your tutor can help you stay focused and feel less overwhelmed by breaking down big workloads into bite-sized chunks and can create a personalized action plan to keep you accountable.

How does payment work?
After discussing your compete tutoring requirements and scheduling your lessons in co-ordination with our student counselors, you will receive the payment link in your inbox. You just need to follow the link and follow a simple 2 step signup process to make the payment through your Visa or MasterCard.
How does MOT screen tutors?
We’re very careful about the tutors we select to join the MOT network. We interview all of our tutors and make sure they hold a clear Working With Children Check and pass our 10 Point Tutor Certification Checklist. We accept only the highest quality tutors with a history of academic excellence and customer satisfaction.

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