French Language Tutoring

 “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

– Frank Smith

As described by the celebrated psycholinguistic Frank Smith, learning a second language can open a world of opportunities for you. Many international organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union have French as one of their official languages therefore using French is a very crucial tool. With MyOnlineTutors’ French course, it allows students to learn French at the convenience of their location and with timings that suits them. The French courses allow students to become confident in French by exploring the French grammar and vocabulary and learning to structure sentences which will allow them to communicate with confidence. 

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Our French tutors provide one-to-one sessions to assist you with every components of the syllabus. 

Our expert tutors have the skill set required for exams and therefore can help you navigate through the process of preparing for an exam by making sure that your foundation for French is strong. Our Native French tutors provide tips on accents, expanding your vocabulary and emphasizing on grammar. Our French tutors will ensure that the students leave their class with confidence to speak French. With teachers who are passionate about their mother tongue, our tutors provide lessons which make learning an easy and fun process. 

MOT’s French Online Classes Are Perfect For

  • Learning French for professional or personal needs.
  • Earning confidence to excel in French evaluation programs such as in schools, international institutions and job selections. 
  • Getting advice and help for French Exams (SAT, Praxis, DELF, GCSE, TCF) or Assignments and Homework from French Classes.

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